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Hollywood Roses

From the non-stop late night parties, chaos filled streets full of tattooed rock fans in band shirts, denim and leather, hot girls in spandex, teased hair and endless oceans of booze and parties, there’s no question why in 1988 Guns n Roses we’re dubbed “The Most Dangerous Band in The World!” They were a reflection of the reckless world of Hollywood Rock, the gasoline for the high octane music that left everyone wanting more and more.

Hollywood Roses lead singer “The Bastard Son of the Sunset Strip” Colby Veil’s incredible likeness to Axl Rose both in appearance as well as vocal prowess helped pave the way for Hollywood Roses to rise up to maintain the honorable title of “Most Authentic Guns n Roses Experience for a Decade”.

The band also includes “Robo” who can channel not only the sound that is so unique to Rock Legend Slash, but truly channels the energy as well so audiences worldwide are taken back to when Guns n’ Roses stalked the Sunset Strip. Danny Winton on rhythm guitar has perfected Izzy Stradlin, capturing not only his look and style but he transforms into everything that Izzy Stradlin was when he was rocking with Guns n’ Roses. Leo Cueves rocks the bass and becomes Duff, hands down, and Justin Sandler is the perfect heavy hitting drummer whose performance is nothing less than an energetic cocktail of Steven Adler, Matt Sorum with a twist of excitement that truly completes Hollywood Roses.

The spot-on performance can only be described as a virtual time machine that makes the audience crave more. Hollywood Roses have rocked numerous festivals which include the inaugural year of “Rocklahoma”,(2007), holding record breaking attendance and coverage in every major Rock Magazine Worldwide, The Tempe Block Party on New Year’s Eve, Tucson Music Festival, Sunset Strip Music Festival, and were fortunate to be picked to be direct support for many of Steel Panther’s big shows. Hollywood Roses have toured throughout the US, most notably playing high profile venues in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Arizona, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and has been featured at many “Summer Rock Festivals”, “Biker Festivals” and the best Casinos, along with Private parties, Frat Parties and Special Events.

In 2012 Hollywood Roses participated in Sally Steele’s “Vegas Rocks Magazine” Vegas Music Awards, nominated for Best Tribute Band. In 2007, Colby Veil was hand-picked by Guns N Roses original drummer Steven Adler to lead Adler’s Appetite for the 20th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction. The tour kicked off at Hollywood’s world famous Key Club. On stage, Colby was joined by none other than Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees Izzy, Duff and Steven Adler, performing Guns N Roses hits to amazed fans.

Hollywood Roses consistently provide the youngest rabid rock fans as well as die-hard fans that were a part of the scene, and all the rock n’ roll fans in between. The live show has perfected duplicating the real, honest, Rock n Roll Experience that truly stops time and teleports the audience “To the Jungle”. Guns n Roses fans of all generations are fortunate enough to get that glimpse and feel a part of an authentic Guns n Roses Experience.

Hollywood Roses have conquered Los Angeles, and now the Sunset Strip’s hottest Tribute band has set their sights again on the rest of the World…

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